There are tours available after the May long weekend for the petting zoo, cow train, hayrides, mazes and activities on our yard. The corn maze will be available in September and October.

Petting zoo                                                      $4.50

(includes activities on the yard)                                                

(includes a cup of feed)

Corn maze

(includes activities on the yard)                    $ 5.50

Corn maze & Petting zoo                                $ 5.50

(incl. a cup of feed for all elementary students)

Petting zoo & train                                          $ 5.50

Corn maze & Petting zoo & train                  $ 6.50

Extra Feed cup                                                  $ 1.00

A Hayride                                                           $ 25.00/ride (max 35 ppl)

(GST will be added to these prices)

Home school groups: parents and students are the same price and facilitators are free

For Kindergarten to  Grade 4 - 1 adult per every 3 students are free.

For Grades 5 and up -  1 adult for every 5 students are free.

School Tours